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Soulmate - Alma Gemela (English Version)  

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POEM: Soulmate
(Written originally in Spanish by Jean Machuca at 31 may 2009, translated to English on June 2016)

I saw her today once by first
She was taking sit on a water source
She was smiling to the wind
and she was feeding the pigeons,
And I've been watching her interested  
Then I saw her walking
across the main road of the square
She was alone, but with relief that been achieving the goal of the day.
And I was so keen looking at her

Her eyes were pale
and her lips were uncared.
I saw her into my mind today by first
when I was saw myself smiling to the wind,
when I've been still walking across the main road of the square,
when I was wanting her madly, when I was needing her,
when I was honestly imagining her.

She looked me and smiled sweetly
And she came back to the water source and saw my reflect into the water
She crossed her arms hugging me confident,
And at that moment we've realized
that we were the same person.
And I was missing her, and she was looking at me sweetly

It's been so many years from that moment,
and today I still looking at her as the first time
walking across the main road of the square,
Taking sit on the same water source,
And yearning to meet me, forever

Jean Machuca

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