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You've moved my heart.
you've shuddered my fears
you've stole me a love
you've betrayed my instincts
you've took me into the abyss
putting to try my religion
You've moved my heart.
Filling me of fear
You've forced me to run
removing the force of my feet
you've shaked my home
you've removed my livelihood
you've opened the doors of the hell,
and the water took them so far.
The Earth quaking of fear.
The people no thinking,
the children screaming,
the floor was moving,
the buildings were waving,
the houses were downing.
You've moved my heart,
you've nibbled my charms.
You've crashed my delights.
I was running speedy,
But I wasn't found my love.
You've grabbed my sorrow,
The wind was smiling me.
The Earth was quaking again.
The iron statues were downed.
My soul have gone with the deep sea.
My loved girl isn't sleeping,
you've moved my heart.
You've tore me out of the living them
as well as the end of a song.
The silence of the waves
will be the unique witness,
you've moved my heart.
You've grabbed my sorrow.
You've stole me a love
in the day that the Earth was collapsed.

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