4:25:00 p. m.


Posted by Jean Machuca

A Small Little Poem From Far Away 

In a far away place, a big deal 
I've been searching into myself, oh dear 
I've been losing my way across the colours
I've been looking for a mindset to borrow 

But my soul had been claiming for someone 
A call across the sea, I have heard 
In a far away place where I've lived 
Where the beauty is beautiful as it is

I was looking how to wonder my heart
I was resigning to be wise everyday 
But my soul had a different plan 
In a far away place, We have met 

Beloved by the nudity of the Love
Our souls were flying to the sky
As a small little poem as they met
As the power of the eternity in a kiss

In a far away place, we have met
But your soul had a different plan
Your flight was going to another way
In a far away place, far away

The Love has many strange ways 
But the destiny in the end is only one
I've seen you inside my heart, right now 
I've found you, I've found you, my love

I love you forever and you know that E.P.

-. Jean Machuca

(21 may 2017)